Thursday, February 24, 2011


  WELL it's been a little less then 2 years since Harder Edge decided to also become THE CHAIN, a Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band.  Brother and Sisters, it has been an awakening experience!
  Their music is not the norm of only 3 cords in a song.  Add a few more, look at the structure of the song, the thinking and the words that are woven into it, then add the feelings and the rhythm to spice it up and you got a heck of a good recipe for outstanding songs and a band that stands alone!

  In all the gigs we have performed as THE CHAIN, there has NOT been one performance that the audience has not danced to and sang to as well!  I'm not talking about a song here and there, I'm talking about EVERY song for the whole two hours of the concert!
  When I first started to listen and learn the Mac songs, I was thinking "people won't be able to dance to these songs".  Brother I was wrong!
  Being the drummer, I do have the drummer's curse of not being a dancer.  I have four limbs that can do four different patterns at the same time ( Not to blow smoke but I can even play in 2 different time signatures at the same time, go me) when I drum but when it comes to dancing...
I look like a cross between someone suffering a major heart attack and having an epileptic fit!
Kids....this boy can't dance!  So as I'm sitting there drumming my little heart out, I look out in the audience and see people dancing like there is no tomorrow, singing along with us, clapping and most importantly...having fun!  THAT Ladies and Gentlemen, I feel is what the MAC is all about!
  Their music has lasted over generations and continues to do so.
Tribute Bands to the Mac can Never fully duplicate their uniqueness.  All we are, is a temporary Fix till the Mac goes on tour again. 
Until the next time my friends...Keep Rockin'
"THE CHAIN" in concert

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