Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Blog #3

Hello again Friends,
Well lets see what's new for THE CHAIN. 
  We've been asked to fly to Sunny California (before it falls into the ocean, lol) to play a concert near Sacramento.(How cool is that I asked you?)  There's a lot of details that have to be worked out yet though. 
  We also have a few more positive reviews to be added to our web site and probably will get to that in a couple of weeks.
  We have added another guitar player to our group of happy campers.  His name Tony Acker, Pittsburgh,Pa, and he's been playing guitar for over 30 years.  Great on guitar as well as vocals, so we should have a good time.
  You know finding a decent player with a personalty that fits with the rest of the band is hard enough.  However trying to find one that can handle Lindsey Buckingham's guitar playing is just insane.  Lindsey, to me, is just the best guitar player I have ever heard.  So it takes at least two good people that we have now, Keith Cole and Tony Acker to come close, to what Lindsey plays.
   When you see the Real Mac in concert, you see the 4 remaining originals (we still miss Christine though and what a class act she was on stage), Mick, John, Stevie and of course Lindsey but you also see several additional people. One or two extra guitar folks, a couple of extra drummers and at least 3 background singers, which add so much to the overall sound not to mention the visual enhancement of the show.
  Now along comes us trying to be as close as one can get to one of the greatest bands ever.  Talk about Hard...Holy Cow Batman!  We have two guitars players trying to do what Lindsey did. (that alone should start you drinking, lol) and we have me(drums) trying my best to play parts of three drummers without having a stroke. Ha Ha. 
  The good news I believe is we're holding our own with trying to live up to the expectations of the audience as coming close to the real Mac.
After performing at the Hard Rock Cafe and The Total Trib Amphitheater in Pittsburgh, Pa last year, we received several emails via our website,, from people from New Jersey, Indiana, Ohio and a few other States that traveled down just to see us.
Here are a few of their comments:
1)  I wanted to email you folks earlier but we just got back from our vacation yesterday.  We saw you, THE CHAIN, at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pa and wanted to let you know that your band Was EXCELLENT!   OMG, Close your eyes and you hear Fleetwood Mac.  There is another tribute Band not far from us so we get our Stevie & Mac "Fix"  from them every so often,  but Guys are 2nd ONLY to the REAL Mac.  Wished we lived a lot closer.  Please let us know if you ever Get out to New Jersey and in the meantime we'll watch your tour date page.  Hopefully we'll catch You again soon.  All The Best,"Sue P." Lakewood, NJ   6/16/10

2)  Saw THE CHAIN at the Amphitheater in August and at first thought it was the "REAL" Stevie Nicks on Stage.The drummer even LOOKS and ACTS like the real Mick!  I also noticed the entire site came to a complete stop while the band played. Very cool I thought. OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE!!!Sherri B  Indiana. . . . . 12/12/10

3)  I wanted to let you know that we stayed at the Comfort Inn in Harmarville Sat. Night and decided to get a "Night Cap"  before going to bed.  We ended up with several night caps and never thought we Would see ...THEE ... Fleetwood Mac in concert!  I have to tell you that you guys are FANTASTIC!  "Mick" was very gracious and one hell of a good drummer - even looks like the real Mick - and MY GOD what great singers "STEVIE" & "CHRISTINE" are!   If you closed your eyes EVERYONE sounded just like the real Fleetwood Mac.  My hat is off to you guys and I wished I lived closer so I can hear you more often.  We had a great weekend, we listened to one of the best bands we have Ever heard and we beat the Steelers!  
PS.  I've book marked your site to see when you'll be coming To Ohio."Tim"   Ohio    11 / 17th
Stay Tuned Folks.  THE CHAIN'S journey continues.....

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