Tuesday, June 14, 2011

THE CHAIN in Concert

Well....., ever since "Stevie" mentioned that the Mac might be going on tour again in 2012, the demand for THE CHAIN has increased at least 10 fold.  Awesome!  No matter what age or generation, EVERYONE loves the Mac!  It will certainly be a sad day on this planet when the Mac does hang it up for good and retires.  I ain't looking for that day to come anytime soon, for sure!

  THE CHAIN just played to a "Sold Out" and "Standing Room Only" crowd at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh 6/11/11 and what a fun crowd that was!  If it was left up to the audience, there would have been a second show. (lol)  I think I should invest in Geritol, ha ha. (I wonder if they still make that stuff anyway?)  Every Table had been reserved weeks in advance and tickets were sold months in advance as well.  We had NO idea what the day was going to hold for us until we got a call from HRC wanting to confirm the reservations we made over a month ago.  That never happened before.  The hostess at that time said the phones were going off the hook with people calling in wanting to see THE CHAIN so they were calling everyone to confirm their reservations.  How cool is that I ask you? A GREAT TESTAMENT to FLEETWOOD MAC!
  I'm sure we have have been called many things, (ha ha) but never have we been called "The Best Fleetwood Mac tribute Band In The World".  We were Sat nite and considering how many OUTSTANDING FMTB's there are floating around, I'm honored and humble to say the least and we stand in very good company.  FYI, We will never use that statement for any PR purposes unless we hear it directly from any members of the REAL Mac and only them and only if they give their permission for us to do so.  One of my biggest pet peeves is when others make claims that aren't 100% true or they'll say,  "A friend of a friend who does my hair said, and she knows So and So who said they said etc..." get my meaning?  Kids, if it doesn't come directly from the horses mouth, you shouldn't say it! I only will mention it here because it was said Sat night. Which is a very nice compliment and greatly appreciated.  The other pet peeve that I have (thank God I only have 2) is when bands sells their CD'S of someone Else's music.  I always wonder if the original artists are getting any royalties from those Cd's that are sold (not that they need it, but still it would be nice to at least ask the artists permission first don't you think?)  We do not sell Cd's!  We sometimes give a couple out at different shows to show our appreciation for the fans.
    The MOST IMPORTANT thing to us as a band....is to make sure that all of our fans are happy!   We want to Thank all of the 300 + family, friends, fans and acquaintances who came to the Hard Rock on Saturday June 11th.  We are very grateful......more than you know!  And we Thank-You so very much.  Your enthusiasm and support mean the world to us!!!

     THE CHAIN will be back at the Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh, Pa on Oct 1st, 2011.  If you happen to be in Pittsburgh, please stop by and say hello.
Please check out or TourDate page on our website for other shows you might be able to come too!  http://www.harderedge.com/ or http://www.thechainfm.com/.

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