Friday, November 12, 2010

THE CHAIN take 2

HELLO AGAIN my friends,

  ON THIS POST...I'd like to make some interesting comparisons between "FLEETWOOD MAC" and "THE CHAIN".  (Well we find them interesting anyway, lol) and list some of the Do's and Don'ts of THE CHAIN.

In a interview for a newspaper I was asked;
1) What is it about Fleetwood Mac that continues to resonate/touch people today? 

Fleetwood Mac is a never ending story.  Musically as well as their personal lives.  It is one constant in our ever changing lives, that we want and can hold on to.

2) How would you assess the strengths of your group/s? What would you tell people about the talents of your band members?

Sandy does an excellent Christine McVie
both vocally and on keyboards.  By the way, did you know that Christine played her accordion for a song or two with the Mac? Well Sandy can also. 
Rob covers John McVie to the "T".  He is one of the best bass players I have ever had the
privilege of playing with.

Both Keith and Mike cover Lindsey well.  Both guitarists will switch leads off and on and complement each other when they do so.  Lindsey is one excellent guitar player and plays some really hard material.  So to have a couple of guys in the band that can try and keep up with him...speaks volumes.

Kimmy is Stevie Nicks!  She's a class act both on and off the stage.  She, like Stevie, has a voice that one never tires of listening to. 

Myself ;  well I've been called The other Mick.  I believe Mick is around 6'6" and I'm only 5' 10".  The band has offered to put me on a rack and stretch me,  I think they meant that in a nice way. Ha Ha. So, I guess I kinda look like Mick and I do try to copy his style. When you first listen to Mick, you find that he keeps things simple and effective but ...
When he comes to a drum solo,  he plays some complicated patterns and plays them "clean".  He's a excellent drummer.

Some other cool comparisons:

 There's been approximately 16 different members over the years for Fleetwood Mac  -  Yep, you guessed it... 16 different members for THE CHAIN/Harder Edge as well.

Stevie Nicks and Kimmy:  Both are excellent lead singers; Both beautiful women (yep kissing up here but I'm honest!); Both have unique, one of a kind voices; Both are roughly the same height, etc; Both are grace and class rolled into one; and both are two of the kindest people you'll ever want to meet.

John McVie and Rob:  Both outstanding bass players,  Both look similar, Both are quiet (at least on stage, :-)), Both love Blues, Both like to add some "serious, solid, rhythmic, harmonic parts" when performing. (say that 3 times fast, ha ha))

Christine McVie and Sandy:  Both are classy, "spot-on" wonderful women, Both are Charming, both are multi-talented players, both play accordion, I believe Christine is very reserved, (oops, Sandy isn't Ha Ha She's very outgoing). Both are excellent singers.

Mick Fleetwood and Jim(Doc):  Both look similar, Both have similar drumming styles, Both are the leaders / spokesmen of their bands,  Both are aggressive and creative during solos.  Both are extremely intelligent to leave the singing to others, (Ha Ha). Mick is a class act and Jim...well God knows he really does try.

Lindsey Buckingham and Mike, Keith:  Yep it takes at least two people to try to even come close to Lindsey.  Lindsey is just a "one of a kind", creative player.  Lindsey and Keith both great singers, All have excellent sounds coming forth from their guitars.  All are dedicated musicians/performers. 

Do's and Don't's of THE CHAIN:  1) We do try to have fun while we're out performing.  Otherwise why do it, right?
  2)  We do try to keep the image and interest of the real Mac alive as much as possible.
   3) For a few hours while we're playing, we do our best to make the audience forget their  day to day problems and try to transport them to another time and place that's a little happier.
(sounds corny but very true.) 
Don't's:  1) We Do Not sell any cds that we make.  Never believed in that. ONLY THE ARTISTS THEMSELVES should be getting any monies from CD's!   We give them away to good friends that come out support us when we're out gigging.
   2) If we can't play/perform a song that compliment's the original, then we don't do it.  Close...does not cut it.

 Some COMMENTS from Fans/Venues from around the world about THE CHAIN: 

 1) Your performance was spot-on, you really had fantastic energy and Vibes. None of us could stop dancing and singing your songs, You were superb and I would highly recommend you as a Fleetwood MAC tribute band!!  UK.

2) "What I liked about your band was you were able to hold the crowd the entire length of your show.   Your lead singer is "Stevie" to the "T".    Your band was The "Fleetwood Mac" band to the "T".   You All sounded just like the real "MAC"!    Very nice job and very professional! . HRC Pittsburgh,Pa

3) Wow your music has even hit down under, heard some of your tunes and just wanted to let everyone know how impressed I was... Aus.

4) “THE CHAIN is an incredible recreation of the classic days of Fleetwood Mac – the sound is as close as you can have it without actually seeing the band.  The Hard Rock Cafe will definitely invite the band back for an encore.” HRC, Pittsburgh,Pa

About THE CHAIN:When you play professionally with people over a period of time, you become a very close family.  At least it's that way with us and I have to tell you that it has been, (and is) an honor for me to be on the same stage and perform with this group of talented people!   As it is in the case with Kimmy & I, we have been together since the early 90's and she "IS" the sister I never had.   I'd like to thank each of them for putting up with me (and my Insanity, LOL) and hope only for the best to befall on them in the future.  Winning The Lottery would be good also!   Doc

PLEASE stop by our web site and check out our music and videos.  Also please vote on our MORPHINESS page for members of THE CHAIN that look the closest to the "REAL" artists themselves.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Since this is THE CHAIN's first Blog entry, it would only be fitting to give credit to whom we owe it.  That would be to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac!  Without them, my friends, we wouldn't be here today!  
   Their music has lasted generations, has influenced so many individuals and of course "want-a-be" bands like ourselves. If there is one band you should do a tribute to, it has to be them.  As I have indicated on our web site,, Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac are often imitated but can NEVER be duplicated.  They're like a very fine wine...keeps getting better with age!
   I can only hope and pray for Kimmy and myself, that before we both Bite the Big One and croak, (lol) we meet the real Stevie and Mick. What a heck of an honor that would be for both of us.  I can picture myself in a motorized wheel chair in some strange nursing home, going up and down the hallways screaming "Guess who I met"! (Yep...better get the net ready, ha ha)
   In any case, a BIG Thank You to Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac!
   Kimmy and I have been playing in several bands together since 1991 and for years we have always contemplated doing a Fleetwood Mac Tribute Band.  We just never seemed to have the right combination of sound, personnel or personalities to make it work until last year.  HARDER EDGE aka THE CHAIN, has always had people come up to us while we would be playing different venues and compare us with the real Stevie and Mick.  Kimmy with her looks and voice and myself with my looks and drumming style as the real Mick. (see our Morphiness page on our web site and vote) So, last year we made that decision to give it a go and Merry Christmas Boys and Girls ... "Go it did!"   In just a very short period of time, the response has been overwhelming!  We've played at The Hard Rock Cafe(Pittsburgh) to a sell out and standing room only crowd; opened for Eddie Money at The Trib Total Amphitheater,(Pittsburgh) and by special request, played for Real English Royalty at a private party.  Not too shabby I believe for just starting out as a tribute band.
  During a recent interview I was asked,
Do you try to capture the band note for note, or just the spirit of Fleetwood Mac?   We're from that old school of thought that if you're going to do it, then do it right.  We're a Fleetwood Mac tribute band which means "we are the Mac" when we're out performing.  If they play "X" amount of chords in a song, then we do the same.  If they play 16th notes, then we do the same. We try to do exactly what the Mac does.  I have to be honest and tell you, it does get frustrating and very hard at times because THE MAC is that good, but in the long run, it's worth it.
  We're a firm believer that anything we do while we are in costume/character and performing as THE CHAIN, reflects back to to the real artists themselves, so we are constantly trying to watch our P's and Q's!

    Any comments, please send them to, and we'll do what we can to post them.  Also please stop by our web site, give a listen and don't forget to vote on our MORPHINESS PAGE. :)

   "THE CHAIN's" last concert of the year will be at the Hard Rock Cafe, Station Square, Pittsburgh, Pa on Saturday, November 6.  If you came to the last performance we had at the Hard Rock Cafe, you'll remember it was sold out and Standing room only!  If you can make it, and we hope you can, try to come early and get a seat.  Kicking things off for us will be Pittsburgh's #1 Blues Band..."Mahajibee Blues".  Show starts approx 9:30pm  Adv tickets from each band will be $5.00.  At the door,$7.00

 Until the next time...Stay Well and if you get the chance stop by and say hello.